Family Law Assistance
From Straightforward To Complex

Getting To Know Me, My Firm And How I Can Help

I started my firm to provide people, just like you, the personal Family Law services that they need. Here, at Herrington Law Firm, PLLC, in Williamsville, I offer assistance with Prenuptial Agreements, Child Custody issues and Property Settlements as well as guided support for many facets of New York State Contested and Uncontested Divorces.

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I hold a position on the Executive Committee of the Family Law Section of the New York State Bar Association and I serve as a Co-Chair of the New York State Bar Association Family Court Committee.

When You And Your Spouse Are Ready For A Successful Divorce

When you are and your spouse are both willing to keep your eye on the prize and do what is necessary to have as few complications as possible, you may want to pursue an Uncontested Divorce. I am here for you when both parties want to work out the custody and property issues in a seamless manner. Moving forward without obstacles means that your divorce is done quickly and is cost-effective.

I will work with you to complete every document on time and as required. As your Attorney and Counsel, I will also advise you as to what the divorce process entails, what you can expect and how long each step in the process will take. We can discuss each of the options that you have and which of those options best suits your situation, family dynamic and ultimate goals.

Not every marriage can be dissolved without a Court case. I also provide Contested Divorce counsel and representation. No matter what your Family Law issue is, I can help you relieve stress and be your guide toward your desired future. My goal is to first listen to your needs and then explain the process in easy-to-understand terms.

Let’s Talk Further

I know that you have questions, therefore I offer a detailed Initial Consultation. This allows you to meet me and discuss what is important to you. We can also discuss what the process will look like given the details of your issue. I want you to feel empowered that you are making the right decisions and taking the necessary next steps.

Located in Williamsville, New York, I serve clients throughout Erie and Niagara Counties and the Buffalo/Niagara Metro area. You can reach me at 716-350-1125 or via my website email form.