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When An Uncontested Divorce Is The Right Choice

When you and your spouse agree that the marriage is not working and that you need to divorce, you have the foundation for an uncontested divorce.

There still will be issues to discuss and details to formalize. You will want to ensure that you understand legally what you are agreeing to and that any agreement is something you can truly live with, as once your divorce is final, modifications can be expensive and time-consuming. I can help.

For over a decade, I have helped people move smoothly forward through the uncontested divorce process. At Herrington Law Firm, PLLC, in Williamsville, New York, I can help you, too.

Questions To Answer For An Uncontested Divorce In New York

An uncontested divorce requires you and your spouse to come to an agreement on the details of your divorce in order to prevent a costly and time-consuming court case.

If you and your spouse can agree on the answers to the following six questions, it is very likely that you can move forward with an uncontested divorce:

  1. What happens to the house?
  2. How will your assets and debts be divided?
  3. With whom will the children live?
  4. What is the arrangement for the holidays?
  5. Who pays child support?
  6. Will there be spousal support?

The answers to these questions may be straightforward or rather complex. This is where I can help, ensuring that you understand the legal and long-term ramifications of your decisions. I will work through the elements of your agreement, explaining the law as it applies, helping you to create an agreement that is an accurate reflection of your goals and intentions.

Helping You Understand The Process, Start To Finish

Together, we will resolve who provides primary care for the children as well as the specifics regarding child support. If you have children, the process can be complex and you will want clear legal advice on how to proceed. I can also guide you through the process of property division, legal separation and separation agreements. Because I also help couples create Prenuptial Agreements, I can readily assist in divorces that involve Prenups as well.

As a Family Law Attorney, I also advise and represent my clients in Grandparent Visitation rights, Orders of Protection and Mediation and Collaborative Law. I welcome any and all of your questions and will provide full and easy-to-understand answers. I am dedicated to providing you with the support and service you need to arrive at your desired future.

The Guidance And Support You Need

When you and your spouse agree that the marriage is not working, you may still have several issues that will need to be ironed out. I can help ensure that your divorce moves forward as smoothly as possible. I will answer your questions and make sure that you have the information you need to be empowered to move forward. Contact me to start the process.

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